Monday, 28 January 2013

More about....

This blog was always just meant to be a little inspiration for those on a weight loss journey or trying to maintain their size.
During moments of weakness, perhaps it is a place to find some kind words and strength if the world seems cold, harsh and unkind.
A few people who have come on the Bootcamp weekends have asked me to make it a little more personal and more importantly have offered to do some posts as a way of us all keeping in touch.
I did write a personal, very anonymous blog when I was finding life particularly tricky, and it was definitely cheaper and more effective than a therapist. 
The only problem is that I enjoy leading a pretty dull life and didn’t have nearly enough interesting things to write about, eventually I started to bore myself so stopped about a year ago.
The inclusion requests vary from serving suggestions, diet journal, sports activities, fashion (agh! I live in sportswear), holidays and home.   Since I don’t have anyone who would (willingly) take pictures, it might be all a little rough around the edges.  But here goes nothing, I hope that this is OK….


I would love to hear from you and quite happy for some lively debate so feel free to say what you think! ....