Thursday, 31 January 2013

Weight watchers...

A couple of nights ago I watched a Channel 4 program about Weight Watchers and how the National Health spends a staggering £4 million a year on sending people to their classes.
Everyone seemed surprised that after initial success 75% of weight was regained.
What was interesting was that the program clearly showed that everyone attending Weight Watchers KNEW what they needed to do and fully understood the implications of their food choices and went ahead and regained all of the weight that they had spent hundreds of pounds trying to lose.
My personal view is that this is because anyone who is overweight isn't that way by mistake, lack of knowledge or ignorance.

We might eat for comfort, loneliness, boredom or to fill another emotional need, we don't overeat by accident or because we don't understand what we are doing.

If we start by repairing the emotional need, the rest is easy and we really will change our habits for life.

That is why at the Find, every thing starts with kindness, encouragement and enthusiasm, next we embrace movement and finding ways to love moving your body. Only then do we look at food and what fuel we need to achieve optimum health.


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