Thursday, 21 February 2013

Buying wedding dresses part 1...

I saw this beautiful image here and it legitimised my weird habit of buying wedding dresses on ebay.  I know it sounds a bit Miss Haversham-esque, but there is method in my madness.

The wedding dress is pretty much 'The' dress purchase in anyone's life, they are a bit more demanding about cut, fabric and finish than they might be if they popped in to Primark.

However not many people suffer from my strange addiction so there is little competition when it comes to bidding.

The pics are always fantastic, a real insight into people's lives, you can keep your 'Four Weddings' this is the real deal with pics of the dress at the alter, reception and usually an 'arty' one of it hung on a four poster bed.
The creepy voyeur in me loves to look at the whole event and work out exactly what it would have been like to be there.  But more to the point I get to see what the dress looks like on real people to give an idea of how I could wear it.

The start prices are always very low, it is like once someone has decided to get rid of it, it has to go, at any price regardless of how low.

So this is my first purchase, it hasn't arrived yet and I am not sure what I will do with it.

Unfortunately this was the only pic, I am not sure if it will be long enough, but I was thinking of cutting the bottom frill off to make it just below the kneed, I might wear with a plain vest and vintage style leather accessories.
It is French lace and silk and cost the princely sum of £24 (plus p & p)

What would you do with it? Could it ever be day wear? Any ideas gratefully received....


  1. That dress is very beautiful and a great deal, but I have no idea how you will style it for it to look anything other than wedding-y

  2. Looking forward to seeing your pics in every day use. I wore a white tux to my wedding which was a quickie in a registry office. I was tempted recently by a DVF white gown to wear to an event but was too worried about it being wedding-y.

    1. I thought this was a bodice and skirt, but it is all one, the hazards of eBay, it is quite nice long, and would almost work as an evening dress, but am still thinking of cutting down as will always be a little 'here comes the bride' otherwise.

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