Friday, 15 February 2013

Comfort food (from left overs)...

After a few rich meals sometimes you want something basic and filling that really makes you feel sated.  
Actually scratch that, when you can't be bothered to go to the supermarket and want something healthy-ish and tastey. There are some long life essentials that are always worth having around.
Carrots last for a good few weeks so always seem to be the last veg left.  Dried beans (often bought as a broth mix) make a great accompaniment to any meat and as they are protein and carb will keep the tummy from growling for much longer.  They keep for years so it's always worth having a stash in the depths of a cupboard.
The dressing is a mix of horseradish sauce, low fat mayo, water and balsamic which gives the food quite a punch and a satisfying creamy texture.
Best of all as long as you pre cook the bean mix and keep it in the fridge, it is ready in about 5 mins.
Unfortunately regardless of which angle I take this pic, it doesn't exactly LOOK beautiful, but it tastes great and keep hunger at bay for hours.

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