Sunday, 24 February 2013

Home made cakes for tea heaven and hell you decide...

This is the remains of a tea party for some friends and family.

Each cake is heaven and hell in its own right.

The one on the right is pure chocolate indulgence and the easiest and tastiest brownie in the world.
There is no 'recipe' as such as they are ready in two minutes and cook in 25, since you just follow the instructions on the packet (ie add egg and oil).  I found the suggestion (since you can't really call it a recipe) here  and it it is not oversold in the description.

The carrot cake on the left is equally yummy and full of goodness, but does take a while to prepare, all that grating of nutmeg and carrots.  It is sugar free, uses agave as a replacement and so loaded with carrots and plump raisins that explode in your mouth that it must contain at least two of your 5 a day.

Which would you be tempted by?


  1. Chocolate every time....are you kidding! x

  2. I gave it up for Lent, making this was torture, I couldn't even lick the spoon!


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