Sunday, 17 February 2013

Imitation is the sincerest form of...

I am starting to dress like her...

 Bert is a little perplexed at this whole photo in the mirror thing.

 I love cords, jeans are more flattering, but when it is cold and frosty cords are comfortable and cosy. These are by 7 for all Mankind. The boat neck 3/4 jumper is Ann Taylor from TK Maxx, this is my number one top style of jumper, if anyone knows where I can get a constant stock of boat/slash neck tops with 3/4 sleeves please let me know.
Coat and shoes are Joseph, both are old, shoes are cowboy boots (everything comes around).
But coat is definitely looking a bit dated so won't come out again for a while, is it the length? The sheepskin? It just looks a bit wrong.  Bag is a very old Dior, this had been put away for about 10 years, but I think is now bang on the money if the other bloggers are right about black and white being a new trend! ...phew thank goodness Bella doesn't have to be sent back for being too last year.


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL is she same breed as the big dog?

  2. Bert is a tibetan terrier and bella a shih tzu, they are both from tibet so similar breeds, but Bella's legs and nose will never be as long as Bert's!


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