Saturday, 16 February 2013

My favourite dress...

I don’t have a big supply of photos and I have been specifically told by my Bootcamp buddies that they want some real pics, not just pretty things pulled from the internet.
We are not a family that uses a camera, this was from New Year’s Eve and was us arriving and the only photos that we took.  Is it just me ? But when you’re having a really great time, with buckets of booze, fantastic food and great company, at what point do you think, I’ll interrupt all of this and get my camera out?
May be now I have been asked to do this I will be a bit swifter on the shutter.  I am sure that my camera aversion also dates back to being a 15 stone teenager and desperately trying to hide some of my bulk rather than willingly have it captured for posterity.
Anyone who has had a weight issue, and felt conscious about it, will know that you can count on one hand (possibly one finger)the number of times that you have got ready to go out and felt good about yourself.  There might be a fleeting glance in the mirror when you have just done your make up and put your best frock on when you think, ‘I scrub up ok’.  But then you get to the party/club/restaurant, look around at everyone else and that fleeting moment disappears faster than Usain Bolt in the 25m. 

I bought this dress from my best and most treasured secret shop, it is Roberto Cavalli, and would have cost over £3000, it is the most amazing silk and the orange detail is all hand beaded. It cost £200, but more on the shop in a later post.  It is the perfect Caribbean New Year’s Eve dress and I can honestly say it is probably the only night (so far) of my life where I felt that I had nailed it, and that feeling lasted all night.  Tragically I’m even excluding my wedding day, I changed into a horror and looked like a panto Ugly Sister for most of it.

The shoes are from Lipsy and they are AMAZING, they are the ONLY heels that I have ever been able to wear all night, dance in, drink loads and NOT randomly fall over, of course I have always blamed the heels not the booze.  As I was always huge (ie tall and jolly big bones all over) heels were a nono so I never really learned to walk in them. But these are a breeze, like wearing marshmallows.
The hair isn't all me and is a fab bargain find, will write up later on as need more detailed pics!

What do you think of dress above, is it too mutton dressed as lamb, does it look old fashioned, as it is second hand I have no idea what collection it was from? As a fashion novice I would love to know what people who really know their stuff think of it and it's OK you can be brutal and burst my bubble!


  1. Nice tan great dress

    1. Thank you, tan is from a bottle, I used to fry myself with olive oil, I am now trying to make up for it by taking care of my skin, I hope it isn't too little too late!

  2. So true about hiding as a fat teenager, it was the most awful time of my life, my only wish was to be invisible

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