Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Saturday morning at Costa..

My local Costa is the only dog friendly place where I can meet friends for coffee (see dog waiting patiently to go and wondering what the hell I am doing).
I have a bag on my arm more for the sake of the photo, I had some problems with my shoulders and my Osteopath diagnosed 'Brag-bagitis'. Basically bags too big and too heavy worn for too long. So now, unless I really need it, everything just goes into my pockets.
I did change from my River Island cords into skinny jeans/jeggings from Tesco/George/Tu and my fab new Clarks boots.
Does any one buy designer jeggings? In this area I haven't really found that you get what your pay for, my biggest disaster were J Brand that after a couple of hours wear looked like I had filled my nappy. Trying to take some pics with eyes to look a little more human. Unfortunately I have no screen on my camera but have to look through the tiny glass the old fashioned way, the concentration in my expression is possibly more disconcerting than no eyes.
I was quite pleased with this outfit, I am so sick of jumpers in this cold weather that I put one of my pretty summer tops over a long sleeved yoga top.  Is that OK or a little weird to anyone that 'gets' fashion?


  1. Where is your Costa? ours definitely does not welcome four legged friends. I am with you on cords, although skinnies look better.

  2. It's west London, I have heard that the owner of Costa lives nearby and likes to bring his dog, it might be the reason that they are allowed in. Great for dog lovers, but dagger looks from people who are not so keen!


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