Sunday, 17 March 2013

Beautiful Kameez....

My new favourite search on Ebay is Kameez, using it as a key word you unearth all these beautifully embroidered tunics in every colour of the rainbow.  This came with silk scarf edged with the same hand embroidery and a pair of trousers (all for £4.99 plus postage!).  The scarf will appear soon and the trousers are being made into cushions. I have always fancied a heavily embroidered Alice Temperley tunic top, unfortunately my favourites never seemed to make it to Bicester Village, but the workmanship on some of the Ebay Kameez(es) ( plural?) is definitely finer than on many 'brands'.
I have been in a bit of a quandary about what to wear now I am truly sick of Winter clothes, but it is still FREEZING, these strike a good balance as;
1. They are lined
2. You can wear a vest under them
3. They look fine with a cardi over the top
4. There are loads of bright summery colours to choose from


  1. This would be perfect for warm weather ! ;) Cant wait for London to get nice and toasty warm.


    1. I can't wait any longer, these are actually quite warm and easy to layer up!

  2. I'd like one for holidays, will take a look x

  3. They would be great as beach cover ups, I don't thought of that!


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