Sunday, 31 March 2013

Creating a reading room

1. Buy a shed on Ebay for £400

2. Woodstain it to remove the garish yellow colour

3. Staple gingham fabric to the back wall to create 'wall paper'

4. Buy second hand linoleum from Ebay for the floor (£20) and move a garden bench inside.

5. Add a garden table gifted from a relative, that never really 'worked' in the garden

6. Add Harry Potter style book side tables that were a great idea in the house until everyone had stubbed their toes on the solid concrete at least once.

7. Put old cushions and blanket on bench for comfort

8. Bling it all up with a glitzy mirror from a local auction room.

9. Hang a chandelier (this is a bit of a disaster and will have to be changed)

Ta da! A reading room waiting to be filled with books....

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