Sunday, 10 March 2013

Exploring my inner drag queen

We're all bemoaning the miserable cold and now add to that constantly drizzling weather.
There are only so many variations on a coat. This is my most cheerful one, in the brightest pink I could find.
I was doing one of those massive wardrobe clear outs trying to work out what summer clothes I had for this year.  Ie clothes that could conceivably be cheerful Spring/ Summer wear and yet also suitable for minus one degrees as it doesn't feel like warm weather is coming any time soon.  There isn't much that cuts the mustard outside of jeans and knitwear. I found this feather shrug in a bag in a distant recess.  I think it is meant to cover the shoulders and perfect with a ball dress (another completely unsuitable purchase for a lifestyle that bears no resemblance to my own) and it was from the Vestry of all places. Are they still around? I must have tracked it down in a bin end sale and then just forgotten about it.  The feathers are really warm, warmer than my faux furs (and feathers aren't farmed cruelly are they? I was thinking they are just a by product).  Please don't disavow me of the fact as I think I have found the Holy Grail of winter clothing, pretty, lightweight, INCREDIBLY warm and easy to wear, I am going to try to track down a feather vest/jacket next.


  1. It's so so cold today, I think down south is even going to get snow.
    Cheery coats are the best for winter, everyone else is shuffling around in black.

  2. It's that wind that chills to the bone, I don't think that ANYONE isn't talking about the weather at the moment. I'm thinking of going back to sunbeds just to feel warmth on my skin, I stopped using them in about 1988, but another month of this and I'll throw caution to the (North) wind!

  3. A bright coat certainly goes some way to cheering up a winters day. So cold today brrrr

    1. I know I just don't want to go outside, the dogs used to get over an hour a day in the park, now we whip around in 40 minutes or less!


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