Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Healthy doesn't mean tasteless

A criticism of healthy, low fat food is that it is tasteless and boring. I always have a number of pots of  tastebud tickling delights to keep even the blandest of meals interesting.
From left to right, sticky balsamic vinegar, slightly sweet and not acidic, trusty grainy mustard, the base for most dressings, Nomu, magic nutty, seedy sprinkle bits with chile and spices, blow your head off hot Mango Chutney, capers, coriander paste, mint dressing, picilile, sauerkraut.
What are your favourite accompaniments when you are trying to eat sensibly?


  1. Tabasco is my favourite, I just love the burn, I put it on so many things, some quite odd.

  2. That's a good one, lurking in my spice cupboard is a pre war bottle, I will hunt it out, need the heat in this weather!

  3. I thought the same until I found and went to the cookery workshop!


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