Saturday, 2 March 2013

Miss Haversham meets Madame Jojo

This is the first of the wedding dresses that I bought, it isn't quite what I thought as was expecting the bodice and skirt to be separate, I actually quite like it as an evening dress though, Valentino did one really similar to this and I might wait before I do any thing really drastic.
I had just finished a BodySculpt class before I took these photos, you can really see how pumped my arms and shoulders are, I have chosen pics which are more about the shoulders than the dress to try to show what a difference just a few minutes of intense exercise can make. 
We had been doing a lot of chest and shoulder work and the definition and size of the muscles are completely different to 'normal' resting images.  This is after only 20 minutes of intense work and it is why the results are so fast and so noticeable when the exercises are followed regularly.  It is harder to show with ab muscles where there is more flesh hiding the results, so you don't get the immediate effect, but within about 6 weeks even the outy-est of bellies can be drawn back in.
If this pumped up looks fills you with horror, remember it is temporary within about two hours the body reverts back to gentle definition.


  1. You certainly look ripped in the first picture, I wouldn't want to look like this, but your body shape in other posts is why I go to the gym. It is interesting to see this, but it is odd that you are wearing a wedding dress to demonstrate it!

  2. I agree with your puzzlement, there is no natural link, the post was meant to be about the clothes, but I can't help it, the health stuff is just more interesting!


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