Friday, 15 March 2013

New YSL Lippie

I don't really wear much make up as it doesn't really suit my lifestyle (outside and sweating!)
However I found a YSL lipstick in the back of a cupboard, either a Christmas present I have forgotten about or something I bought for a night out and never used. 
The colour looks quite brownish on the lipstick, but it is a fiercely red 'sorbet cassis' a bit of a shock from nothing to this. Clothes are all eBay, jacket was Zara 99p! Beaded tunic top Karen Millen, £8, I quite like the quality of KM, but find it expensive. Although seemingly KM devotees all want sexy little dresses and glittery tops, no one is searching for these kind of sensible 'mummy clothes' so there are bargains to be had if you shop as a contrarian...


  1. God your stunning? Between your bone structure and long legs, I've gone right off you.

  2. I always had a 'moon' face that I hated. The cheek bones have only come since the weight loss, but now I just think I look much older and would have the moon back any day. Just shows women are never happy!


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