Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Notting Hill Moscovite

I had a meeting at Granger in Notting Hill.
Granger is the new 'in' coffee bar frequented by yummy mummies post Wetherby drop off and various fashion and media types from the companies near by.
I still haven't quite mastered taking pictures when I am out and about, but the interior is nothing to write home about anyway (neither was the service and we were only having coffees yet they got it wrong 3 times!)
As it is still cold blah blah weather (who hasn't had enough of a. it b. talking about it?), I wore my faux fur (which turned out NOT to be it was £80 quid and described as fake fur, the body is, but the trim is most definitely of some poor unfortunate creature) and sheepskin Cossack hat, along with the £4.99 Victoria Beckham (via Ebay) jeans and ALDO utility style heeled sheepskin boots.


  1. I love everything about your outfit, I've given up trying to look good in winter, I can't do it. And yes, please make the weather improve, it's Easter, there is snow on the ground, this is not right.


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