Friday, 29 March 2013

Rene Caovilla...

Rene Caovilla shoes haven't made it to the mainstream like many other similarly priced brands.  They seem to be reserved for those who are totally uncompromising in their desire for footwear as art.  But everyone keeps fairly quiet about them, even though many a fashion editor may be Caovilla shod, they seem to want it to be a secret that is never known, like the perfect boutique hotel or the best restaurant in town.
There are no fakes available from China however hard you search and the manufacture is still 100% European and by hand.
The shoes are incredibly comfortable and very balanced and delicate, you need to hold a pair in your hand to  see the difference between the machine made mass produced and these that are all hand made.
Bearing in mind that I have the propensity to look like a drag queen with my rugby player shoulders and height, I'm always drawn to anything that counterbalances the possible presence of a Y chromosome.

This is the collection for this summer although to purchase online you need to visit here, but be warned the prices are not for the faint hearted! 

RC shoes never really date as they weren't ever 'fashion' to start with, just incredibly made beautiful fripperies!

The signature design is part of this incredible topiary feature...
 And yes, my fantasy Venetian home from home for the Carnival season would look just like this....

Minimalism is not the RC way....

Gold? Swarovski? jewels? can't have enough of them..

This is from Glamorous in Dubai (she's an RC fan the bag is from one of the collections) this is how I always seem to end up after a really big night out!!


  1. Stunning shoes, I rarely see them on my travels and they are lovely, like old school Manolos. I'd like that shop as my boudoir/dressing area.

  2. Unfortunately I need to correct this! RC are now available as copies in China, this means that either the company has succumbed like everyone else, or they are copying pictures. It will be very obvious from the quality of the shoes so I have ordered a pair in the name of research!


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