Saturday, 30 March 2013

SJ's progress

Remember SJ from here? We took this photo a few days ago and you can see the progress that she has made in less than four weeks.
Notice the definition around her waist and how her tummy has started to draw in, see the loss of inches around her thighs and arms.
SJ has achieved this without feeling ANY hunger and exercising in short but regular bursts. Not aerobic exercise that leaves you red faced, out of breath and with aching muscles (and there is a place for that but it will come later!)
She has been doing daily 10-20 minute pilates session and following these recommendations, she has been doing the 'conscious movement' whilst decorating her house and doing the garden.
If anything, she struggled to fit the four meals a day into her schedule, but to maintain this success, it is important that she keeps her calorie intake high enough, especially when we start the more intensive exercise regime.
The most successful part of the last few weeks has been that she has been able to cut out sugar, for her long term health, this will make the biggest change.  Physically look at the difference between the photos, her skin tone has changed quite dramatically, in the first photo she is more dimpled and her skin looks 'older' in this one, it could be ten years younger and that is in just a few weeks.  SJ was convinced that the quality of her skin was down to age and nothing could be done to improve it, so she is really thrilled with how she is looking.
The weather has been so awful that I think that her success is even more remarkable, she has stuck to the recommendations and not been tempted by hot chocolate and cake, which would be understandable.
For the next four weeks we will maintain the eating plan and start to move into more intensive exercise.


  1. Fantastic result is such a short time, I see a huge difference in her abdominal area, and you're right this has hardly been the weather for changing diet etc, well done to SJ!

  2. Usually this is when it gets harder, but if the weather improves, it should be a breeze!


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