Friday, 22 March 2013

Style Crush Does my Bum Look 40 in this?

I always think that Kat looks great as she is that delicate tiny boned fairy type.
Her chunky layered style always made me feel like some kind of post apocalyptic survivor and yet when I wore this my husband mentioned twice in one day that he liked it so may be I should persevere with this look.
The coatigan is Top Shop, coated leggings and T shirt Zara(yawn), jewellery and scarf, old bin end bits from Accessorize and Dior bag ancient Dior from when it wasn't preserve of oligarchs, but anyone could pop in and buy a bag for around 100 quid, how times have changed!


  1. You can totally pull this look of as you have a very similar frame to Kat, I'd look the the Michelin mans wife!

  2. You look good, pulled together, chic and not messy. It helps that you haven't included too many colours and styles. That's where you're suceeding where others fail. Fey x

  3. Heavens no! You look terrific.


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