Friday, 8 March 2013

Style Crush Thank Fifi

The fashion blog Thank Fifi is one of my favourites, she is usually head to toe in high street labels and makes them look amazing. To my taste she has a perfect physique, she is as beautiful as a model, but without the 'near death' thinness that most regular models exhibit.  Years ago I used to cast models for photographic shoots, I hated the casting days when these poor emaciated girls would struggle into the office like soul-less spectres.
What we see in magazines bears no resemblance to reality, we literally used to colour them in and pad them to make them look close to 'normal'.  The only girls who looked healthy were the really 'big' models of the day, it seemed that once you had made it, you were allowed to eat, but up until then it was a diet of cigarettes, diet Coke and any chemicals that maintained skeletal look.
That is why I love Thank Fifi, as she is a normal girl who is undeniably beautiful and has been accepted by the fashion crowd, this is much, much rarer than you would imagine.
Plus she dresses in a fashionable way, but not in that Alexa Cheung style where you need to be early 20s and have the physique described above.  Instead her outfits could be worn to the office, albeit you might look like you had put a bit(!) more thought into it than usual.
So back to my homage outfit, it was a very cold February night and we were heading off to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a birthday treat.
Sick of dressing for arctic expeditions, I wanted something to remind me that you can be warm in the UK without wearing 8 layers.  I copied this outfit as best I could (using ebay), got the HM top for 99p, the jeans are flared Victoria Beckham from her dvb days (bargainous £4.99) and belt was from HM £6.99 in-store, the cardi is TopShop.  The trouble is I LOOK like I am wearing head to toe high street, where Thank Fifi looks a million dollars, I have 20 years on her, may be I need to look elsewhere for inspiration!


  1. I promise you it doesn't look like High Street, nor that you ave 20 years on Wendy! Amazing Ebay finds and bargains! x

  2. I probably should stop buying on line and get into some real shops, but I just can't be bothered anymore!

  3. Are you kidding me? You look incredible! Just how long are your legs?? (jealous short a** here!!)

  4. One of your readers just emailed me to tell me about this post! You look incredible and I am so flattered that you styled the look after me :)
    So glad you enjoy the blog,

    1. I didn't notice that you had responded as I don't moderate comments, but thanks so much, it is a little tongue in cheek as I am so ancient, I hope that you don't mind!

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