Thursday, 14 March 2013

What to wear to move

Our heads have always ruled out hearts when it come to buying properties. We've never really bought a place that we have loved, only somewhere with 'potential', (and that's potential to pay future bills that we might struggle with).
And now we are moving into this little, one bedroom, fifteenth century cottage.  It is tiny and perfect and the day that we got the keys, the sun came out.
There is no 'potential', but all the time that I am there, it is like being in a gentle hug!
As for the clothes, the jeans are cast off from my son and the cardi is from Primark, it was £1, it makes no sense to me, after VAT, that's 80p. How can they stay in business? It is what I would call SC (suspiciously cheap), when I buy second hand stuff on Ebay that is just an individual having a clear out, I can understand that prices will be low, but when it is a business, how on earth can they operate selling knitwear for one pound?


  1. That is the most beautiful cottage, I would love to live somewhere like that, a thatched roof, I am gasping with envy.

  2. Oh wow your property looks totally amazing! What county is it?

    1. It's scarily near Bicester Village! I have no broad band or tv yet so blogging is from an iPad and a bit rubbish at the moment!


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