Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Who ate all the pie?

Me: 'Who ate this brownie? It wasn't on the table very long'

Mr B 'It DEFINITELY wasn't me, I think you should try Miss B, it is the kind of thing that she would do, you know her being a puppy and all, they are so naughty'

Me: 'Miss B did you climb on the table and eat the brownie?'

Miss B 'No I don't have any legs yet, I am waiting for them to grow so I can get on the table'

Me: 'Mr B are you licking your lips?'

Mr B: 'Me licking my lips? err no, why would I do that?' 

Me: 'Mr B there seems to be a little quelquechose around your mouth, I don't want to falsely accuse anyone but it looks awfully like chocolate to me'

Mr B: 'Look at this face, it is the epitome of truth and honesty, I was not lying. I said things that later on seemed untrue'.

The remains of a brownie if you know the source of the quote....


  1. Hilarious, look at his chocolate chops!

  2. Love this - same applies to kids as to dogs ;o)


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