Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bath time rituals...

Bathing and water is sacred in most religions and more and more scientific studies are demonstrating, what we all know that there is something about having a bath that can change us physically and mentally, from the tiny baby that we are trying to get to sleep to the tired body that is exhausted from over exertion.

My earliest bathing memories are from when I used to stay with my granny, who typical of her generation thought that hot water all day and central heating were for softies.  Her baths took most of the evening, first she would heat up the bathroom using a two bar electric fire (health and safety avert your eyes) and then she would carefully start to fill it with saucepans and kettles of boiling water.

There was always copious amounts of Matey, most fascinating to me was that it was Miss Matey, pink and female, the likes of which I had never seen before and totally blew my mind as the last word in luxury and modernity.

Part of the the magic of this bath was the amount of preparation that went into it, and how pampered it made me feel.

At the Find bootcamps, we always encourage bathing rituals after the first full day of exercise, but as we don't want to knock our guests out, just get them relaxed and in the party mood for the dinner that night, we always offer invigorating bath accoutrements and a mini bottle of champagne to keep the mood light.

I have a number of special, themed baths that I partake of when time allows and they work wonders on morale and energy (more on those later)

And this is the one for couples.... wonderfully relaxing to hold hands on the loo


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