Thursday, 11 April 2013

Getting back on the wagon....

This Easter has been a particularly egg-y one. The chocolate famine over Lent has led to a full on feast over the last few weeks. The egg count goes as follows;

2 x Green and black 70%
1 x After Eight chocolate egg
1 x Sainsburys Taste the Difference 70%
And approximately 5 tins of hot chocolate.

Combine this with moving, the Easter holidays when my classes and clients disappear and the result is not good.
Drastic action is needed and I am trying to remember that unfamiliar feeling of hunger with a day and a half kicker.
Any longer starts to play havoc with the metabolic rate, but I just need something to stop me from simply eating out of boredom and appetite and to rediscover what hunger feels like.
I'm not calling this a detox as detox is just a made up word for restricted food intake, our bodies detox all the time, otherwise we would be dead!

Day 1

Start the day with grapefruit juice and 4 tea spoons of barley grass, (it is one of those ultimate superfoods, that can momentarily fool the brain that you have just eaten a full English)

Feel fine all morning and take the dogs to the park to do some exercise. Come home and have a definite appetite moment, coffee and biscuits beckon, I just go for an expresso with a dash of milk and and a sachet of Emergenc C multivit drink and the feeling goes pretty quickly.

Do you some boring paperwork and get lunch for every one else, put on some of my class sounds, which are quite dance-y and upbeat and I'm not tempted by anything.

By 3pm I'm definitely remembering what hunger feels like, so I have my second grapefruit juice and dehydrated barley grass.

4pm I am hungry, trying to get excited about the pot of green tea that is all that I have to look forward to before my next barley grass drink.

5pm Drink whole pot of green tea and have some energy to go out and do the shopping

6pm Cook everyone else's food, pasta with cream sauce and garlic, now it is really hard, I am hungry and don't have much energy and starting to get moody at the smallest thing.
I eat a carrot, apple and handful of nuts and have another grapefruit and barley grass

7pm The family wants to watch the Hobbit, it is 3 hours of them snacking on crisps, biscuits, hot chocolate etc I have a large glass of wine.

Day two
I wake up not feeling hungry, just empty and moody and with a splitting headache.
It has been years since I have restricted eating like this, and all the memories of my 'fat years' come flooding back, either I was eating for Britain, or on some diet or another feeling like this.

The comparison to when I am on the Thermic Plan is interesting, lots of physical activity and the right food choices and I go to bed satisfied, wake up ready for breakfast and don't really think about food all day.

Where as for the last 24 hours NOT eating has been all I have had on my mind and therefore food becomes an obsession.

I'm glad this experiment is over and as I write this, lentils are boiling and bags of market veg waiting to be unpacked ready to start real life again.


  1. Hi, great read. Really enjoying your blog well done.

  2. I'm glad you loathe the word 'detox' too, it always bugs me when folk :go on a detox" erm kidneys/liver?
    I know what you mean about deprivation and that obsessive feeling, I've gained a few pounds and I've been looking at James Duigan's flat tummy fast diet online, but I don't even think I could do that now, I read a week's menus and just thought I am going to be starving and feel demented if I do that.

  3. I would recommend a day of not really eating, simply as a reminder of how unpleasant it is, so that next time you are about to over indulge it is within recent memory, it works kind of like a hangover! I have just eaten my lentil salad and enjoyed every mouthful!

    1. That's a great idea! I hate not eating now, again it takes me back to the years of dieting, ugh.

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