Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pink Dotty P top and statement necklace...

I love all the spikey and skull necklaces on other people, but when I'm not smiling I look pretty miserable and aggressive and I err towards more girlie things to try to avoid looking like I have an ASBO.
I picked up the pink Dorothy Perkins top for 99p via Ebay and the necklace was a similar price, (searching Bollywood or Kameez or similar you can unearth some fab stuff!)
I've avoided necklaces as I have a short neck and always thought that they made it shorter, but these really big blingy ones seem to make cheap clothes look better quality and necks look longer, I'm hooked!


  1. Lovely pictures, great top what a bargain!

  2. Thanks! and the sun is out so can wear it at last!


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