Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pink Pud for a Pert Posterior and Peachy skin

I had read in a US medical report than jelly has skin enhancing properties. There is a whole range of quite expensive 'beauty confectionery' that has launched off the back of the collagen plumping properties of eating porcine jelly (I'll leave that vague for anyone who is unsure of what jelly is actually made of!)
Jelly is also low fat and has enough protein to work in the Thermic eating plan. This jelly is an adult version made with low cal pink wine and figs. However many pics I take, I haven't succeeded in making it aesthetically pleasing but it tastes good, is healthy and makes you younger, what's not to love?! 



  1. My eyes are out stalks, I'm going to have to go and google porcine jelly!
    Now under my list of phrases you thought you'd never hear.


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