Friday, 5 April 2013

Red all over...

For Easter weekend I headed Miss Marple style from my little cottage to a house party at a very large country house. There was one big dinner that required a little thought and possibly I should have planned an outfit rather than just hoping to root through my boxes and throw something together.

I bought this skirt from Ebay, it is an American brand called INC, it is pure silk and beaded harlequin style and cost £4.99, luckily I had an ancient rust jumper from H & M, but that was where the serendipity ended and those big old piles are usually COLD. I tried the Tim Walker style oversized cardi which looked pretty bad so ended up layering with my purple mohair top that I use for painting and cord H & M jacket (both of which would come off if the temperature was above sub zero). My only accessory was an antique diamond hair accessory that I have improvised as a choker, it is really beautiful and I never really wear it, does anyone know of (reliable!) jeweller who can remodel such items? I was thinking may be a cuff would be something that would retain the design but I could wear more regularly.

I had done my roots the previous night with the honey blonde that I had been so pleased with, once on my natural mouse was quite nice, but twice has turned me ginger...

It was a perfect Agatha Christie crowd with a Lady, a General, a Colonel and an ex prima ballerina and of course Miss Scarlet, everybody behaved so no murders to report.


  1. How very Jilly Cooper!!! Sounds fabulous ... so did you have to peel off the layers, or did you shiver your way through the evening?

  2. It was baking. I couldn't believe, they are on oil, I was trying to work out how much they must have burnt to get it that warm and I reckon it was a couple of flights to Tenerife at least! I used to love all those classic 70s Jilly Coopers, I may have to reread you have reminded me!

  3. Oh that's absolutely stunning, you make an excellent Miss Scarlet. And a country pile that was warm? Amazing I'm always in 20 layers at our old family lair, the place may look impressive but it leaches heat from every orifice.

  4. Indeed, a few trips to that kind of house and you seek only warmth at the touch of a button and light and comfort, however beautiful the big places may be, they really belong to another age!


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