Sunday, 21 April 2013

Should it stay or should it go?....

I bought this Cartier watch more than 15 years ago and have never really worn it. It's lived in a drawer for 10 years and been at Harrods for at least 3 (half forgotten and half deliberating whether it was really worth spending the £150 to get it serviced) As it needed servicing due to lack of wear (and did I mention how mean I am?!) I decided NOT to bother.
I have just spotted one of these at a local second hand watch shop...
It is totally the opposite to above, which is a discreet, timeless classic (something I will just never be, which is probably why it has remained in a drawer for so long).   This is pure Bratz sushi bar bling, there is an eight year old part of me that still makes a beeline for the Bratz toys in the Argos catalogue just to see what they are up to...

They will of course all be sporting bling watches...

 And driving pretty cool white Mercedes SLs...
So do I swap the classic for a fanciful frippery or keep the classic, there is a (little) money involved too and I really can't work out if it is worth it or not?


  1. Ten years and a in a drawer means its out the door!
    I was looking at the Mercedes slk two weeks ago hubs said " it says, ankle chain and a divorcee" I decided against it!

    1. Go for one of the beautiful old ones, they are stunning, do agree with hubs about the new ones. My other half said much the same about the Chopard, I think I was having a momentary aberration, I am not sure what possessed me!

  2. Personally, I would keep it. But if it's been in a drawer for 10 years, then it's probably time for it to go!

  3. Replies
    1. kept the classic in the end, the bling moment passed quite quickly! Thank God I don't really shop, wouldn't I waste some cash?!!


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