Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Style Crush Thank Fifi mark two

Thank Fifi is such a lovely blog and every outfit that Wendy puts together looks fab, I tried to put this one together in homage to my favourite look of hers, but it failed really badly and just looked cheap and nasty.  I have never quite mastered the whole bid and wait and see Ebay thing, and if I want something I bid for pretty much everything listed that fits the bill. Most of the time, if I am lucky one wins, some times I get two, three or four of the same thing, I do wonder if may be it would be cheaper to shop in the old fashioned way. Any way, here is the second look made up from Ebay wins, this ruffle top is almost exactly the colour my hair was a couple of days ago. The new dye was really terrible and I am watching with a short of detached interest as I fade from bright orange, to sludgy pink to copper yellow. It is also a size large, where the other one was a small and I think it looks better than the other outfit, slightly less high street-y, the jeans are Matalan, and they are still my favourite and £5 a pair! 


  1. wow the blouse is pretty cute, love the jeans too I can't believe they were £5 what a bargain

  2. Thanks. I love your blog loads of interesting stuff, but I couldn't work out where to leave a comment. I have just received a crate of olive oil from my friend in Tuscany, totally pure and amazing quality, I shall be following you olive oil tips!


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