Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Venison, Beetroot and Cranberry from Asda

I already did a post about my Asda swag, part of it was the ingredients for this dish.
Given the choice, I always go for organic meat, not for any other reason than I hope that the animal has had a slightly better existence than the other variety.  I'm not a big meat eater and would rather have it less often and stick to more expensive, kinder reared options.  The irony is that I spend more on a couple of steaks than I do on almost any single clothing item that I buy.
Asda isn't great for a selection of organic meat, I did find this venison though, and I remembered a friend of mine who worked in food standards and was pretty horrified by a lot of what he saw, telling me years ago, to always go for game since its market was smaller and quality always much better.
This is a simple dish, but really healthy and fine as part of the Find eating plan.
Cabbage base, venison steak, beetroot and cranberry sauce, with a small glass of red for optimum vitamin intake and digestion.


  1. Oh that looks delicious, I only eat meat a few times a week so I'm happy to pay a bit more at the local farm or butcher rather than the cheap odd bod meat crammed with who knows what from big supermarket chains.

  2. I am working on finding a local farmer and buying direct from source, I would rather buy bulk, freeze it and know where it came from!


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