Monday, 13 May 2013

Cutlery sets spirit of Summer Fair...

You may have seen this cutlery before, if features on most of my posts about food and sells in John Lewis for over £100.

One of the best way to prevent overeating is to eat a proper meal.  It sounds so easy, but how many times do we think, 'I'll skip lunch as I'm not that hungry' and then spend all afternoon picking, and then skip dinner as we are not that hungry and then eat rubbish all night and so the vicious circle continues.
Whether you are on your own or with a group, you should always stop for food, the optimum intake is 4 x 600 calorie meals, this will keep your metabolism at its highest and result in optimum weight loss to calorie intake (the study is on PubMed French scientist, but forgot name and don't have time to find link now!)

Each meal should be an 'event' set the table, eat from nice crockery and use lovely cutlery.
My interior shop friend stocks sets of these, they come as six people place settings 6 x knife, fork, pud spoon and tea spoon, normally she sells them for £60, but the supplier than she uses is discontinuing the range and we are clearing them at the Spirit of Summer for an amazing 20 quid! That's for all 24 pieces less than £1 each, John Lewis has them at £5- £6 each piece, so it is a fantastic offer.
Drop by and pick up a set and your mealtimes will always be beautiful!!


  1. I want these so much - all of them but can't make the show - if they are still left would you have her contact me?


    1. of course, I am sure that I can post to you or even trade for a nice scarf or something!

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