Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fast eat all you want flapjack...

First a short disclaimer, this isn't the yummiest recipe ever, but it is quick, lo cal, high thermic, and gives that kick of cake if you need something with your afternoon tea....
The foundation of the cake is lentils (er yes that's right), however once baked they just bulk out the content you can't taste them

1. Put a couple of cups of soaked, cooked lentils into a bowl.
2. Add a cup of chopped nuts or sunflower seeds, sesame or other small flavoursome seed or nut
3. Add a handful of rasins and a handful of wheat bran
4. Add a table spoon of molasses or black treacle
5. For more sweetness half a teaspoon of dried stevia leaf (not too much as it is REALLY sweet) and a dribble of agave nectar
6. Add an egg to bind the mixture
7. Roll in to balls and bake for about 30 minutes on a low heat

To eat more than two of these is like a man versus food challenge, but if you are preparing for Summer bikinis and everyone else is eating cake, this is a totally guilt free alternative!

Recipe update, left these on the table and Bert (dog) ate all of them, not sure if this is a compliment to the chef. But I'm out of my weekly batch of lentils and will have to cook up another saucepan full and start again.


  1. Bert is a brilliant name for a dog and I am so going to make these, my 'diet' is driving me nuts just now, I have, over 20 years backed myself into a corner where I have to exist on less and less and the effort to maintain my weight is driving me nuts .

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  4. oh these look like a very good idea - thanks for your lovely comment - just had a look through your blog - you look amazing - hard to believe you ever carried weight - i think you are right - the key is in the exercize but also in what you eat - it is a complete fallacy that if you exercise you can eat what you like - and these sound yummy too - which always helps! x


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