Saturday, 11 May 2013

French market shopping look..

Years ago we were on holiday in the almost Caribbean island of Cap Ferret in west France (not to be confused with Cap Ferrat in the South). The west of France is far less bling, very shabby chic and natural.
One morning I was doing the food shopping in the market square and saw a lady dressed in a butter soft suede wrap skirt, simple white vest, loads of beaten gold bangles, mad hair and huge old shopping basket. She was in her sixties or seventies and was one of the chicest things I had ever seen.   It was temperature appropriate, comfortable, worked for any age and timeless, so here I am 12 years later trying to do the same look for shopping on a warm day at my local market. 
....and the lady I saw all those years back...turned out to be Agnes b.
The suede skirt is very old from H and M, at least 10 years, but it cost £69 then and would probably be cheaper today!
Vest was from H and M
Baskets from markets in France.
Shoes Office, via Ebay
Ps There are about a million suede skirts on EBay, so clearly I am the only one to like this look, but it is a great time to pick up a bargain!


  1. Love your look! now if only the sun would shine when I'm going to my local market! Had hailstones this morning:(

    1. This was last week! We had the craziest storm last night!

  2. Oh yes what a great look! I have such bad experiences of buying clothes on ebay :-(

    1. Really? What went wrong? I've only had one bad experience, but it was when I spent quite a lot of money so I remember it! The cheap stuff that I give to friends or resell I guess I don't really think about! There was a listing for a suede wrap Joseph skirt for 99p, can't really go wrong with that!

  3. That's a stunning look! I love suede skirts. You can't really go wrong with them


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