Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Healthy colourful food

Eating really well just requires a trip to the market. Supermarkets don't cut it for fruit and veg, they are all packaged up in mean quantities with more packaging than content. Supermarkets are just pushing you towards the ready meal options with all their might. The more 'messed about' the food is, the more they can charge for it. Keep it real and head down to the market with a wheelie bag and 20 quid, you will buy more fruit and veg than you know what to do with.
This is hardly a recipe and it is fairly obvious what is in it, from a health perspective, it is the rainbow of colours that will keep you disco dancing until you are 90. It is a simple rule of thumb, the more colours the bigger the variety of vitamins and minerals and ultimately the more satisfying a meal will be.


  1. That's my dream dinner plate, stuffed to the max and bursting with colour, yesterday I actually wondered for a second "is it possible to eat too many vegetables?"

    1. Never, they are the only things (apart of the obvious) that keep your skin bouncy and your eyes sparkling!

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  4. Hi there- this looks totally delicious and so colourful too. Loved your post on your sons cricket and your charity haul, I really love the leather biker it looks great!! Xx

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  8. That looks amazing, pity cous cous isn't gluten free as I love it!


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