Sunday, 12 May 2013

ISABI Spirit of Summer

This beautiful image is just a few of the looks that my incredibly talented friend is showing on her stand at the Spirit of Summer show.
The prices are unbelievably low (less than TopShop), but the quality and design would rival any designer boutique.  I send all my bootcamp ladies to check out this range, as the outfits make everyone feel great about themselves and if nothing else, clothes should ALWAYS do that!
Everyone should feel their best, all of the time. One sure way of falling back into a rut of over-eating is to wait to lose that mystical stone, two stone, half a stone, the number doesn't matter, before you treat yourself to something nice, or book a holiday or just go out for the evening. It is the principal, of waiting for life to begin, if you feel at your best EVERY day you will succeed at whatever you put your mind to.  And these clothes take you a fair way down the road of doing that!

If you can make it to Olympia in West London on 15-18th May, The Find and Isabi will both be there.


  1. Maybe its just me but I cant see any image...just boxes with crosses in ;(

    1. it's me! I was trying to do with ipad, but doesn't work! Back to PC now.

  2. Damn, I'm in London on Wednesday but no where near Olympia :-(
    Does she sell online? The clothes look amazing


  3. No she is recruiting agents at the show though, you should try to make it over!

  4. I couldn't agree more!! Feeling beautiful is not about size of the day. Last week, I saw a tiny "muffin top" above my favorite jeans, so I went shopping for some pretty new things, and went to lunch. Punishment causes rebellion in my case!

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