Thursday, 2 May 2013

Random Pics of Paris trip day 1

Last week 5 friends who met through work about 20 years ago, managed to escape to Paris for a couple of nights, unnoticed by their families. Pics weren't that high on the agenda, so this isn't really a photo montage of the high points of the trip, more a random selection of pictures when there was enough light for blackberries and iphones to work.

We stayed here (view from the window)...

 The rooms were a mixed bag, some were positively luxurious (pics to come) others, not so much (but the hotel is in the centre of Paris on Isle de La Cite and starts from 70 euro per room, so no one was complaining) In fact T was thrilled....
It was 24 degrees so we changed into summery clothes and went to look around, but the fun bit was just hanging out, something none of us had done for a while..
We went to Collette and Christian Dior, but the miserable sales assistants would have lynched us if we tried to take pictures.  So we took refuge in the haute boudoir of Caron....
A broke our shopping duck by purchasing the beautiful compact above.
I was tempted to add another swansdown puff to my collection, but at 50 euro for the smallest resisted the urge.
After all that arduous perfume testing and jewellery trying at Caron we retired to the Plaza Athenee for afternoon tea.

They led us through here to our table..

A was pretty pleased with her purchase (but a little warey of 16 euro for a cup of tea!)

Turned out to be the best value of the trip as our lovely waiter served us free Evian all afternoon and as many chocolates as we could eat (plus more to take home for our families)

I got lost finding the loos and ended up in the spa...
 We did have a look at the menu for dinner, but it was 380 euro per person without drinks...

We took the long scenic walk back to our hotel along the river...
 And stopped en route for some obligatory cheesey Eiffel tower shots...


  1. Your friends are all stunning and super stylish, are you all in your forties?

    1. Yes the 50 is the next big one for all of us, but some are closer than others!

  2. There's nothing better than a girls weekend away .. especially in Paris, one of my favourite places in the world. I'm fascinated by one thing - do you all have the same hairstyles?!

  3. It does look like it, but in fact SJ (whose photos these are!) has short hair. I thought the same thing when I saw the pics, but it didn't strike me in France!

  4. oh how exciting to have a girls trip to Paris - I would LOVE to do this!


    1. The accommodation and eurostar cost us 200 quid for two nights so I would say go for it, but parisians aren't that nice and it is REALLY expensive once you get there, so equally anywhere in a bit different in the UK would be an adventure and there are some AMAZING deals around, I got an offer for a 5* in wales with 16 course tasting menu for £99 for two!! And I have to say unless you have a spare 380 euro a head for dinner, the Brits have more than caught up with the French for regular dining!

  5. I'd also love to do this! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  6. Aren't you off to Marbs? Can't wait to hear all about it!


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