Thursday, 9 May 2013

Raspberry Kameez where to wear?..

As much as I love this lived up to expectations (£60 Ebay, quite a big spend for me), I can see how others could hate is with equal measure.  I love all the bonkers embroidery and bits and pieces, but anyone who likes a cleaner look would find it hideous.  Lucky that we are not all the same.
I won't wear these together, (and never willingly bare my midriff).
I was thinking about the skirt for the mad beach club that we go to in St Tropez for lunch, they like you to really DRESS there, the more you go for it, the better the table and on a good day you are overlooking the beaches of Ramatuelle with Elton John en famillle on the table to your right and Puff Daddy with his entourage to your left. So its worth a little extra effort.  HOW you look doesn't matter, it is more how DIFFERENT the outfit is, which is unusual for France, but suits me, since putting things together is not my skill, but seeking out the slightly off the wall has always come easy.
I have a day glow lime green lace dress which used to get us pole position (that was back in the day when no one wore anything bright and the rest of the restaurant was a sea of beige linen tunics).  I made friends with a Hungarian girl last year who wore the most fantastic outfits, all quite 1950s but with 9 inch Louboutins and giant sun hats.
I usually go with a bootcamp bunch in July and we spend mornings doing salutes to the sun at dawn, lunch at the club and late afternoon hiking in the hills (and rose at sunset, but keep it to no more than two which is practically medicinal for our aching limbs).  It is blissful.
Don't forget if you are interested in the Spirit of Summer show (Olympia, 15-18 May), such a good idea over the weekend, a bit of a joke in today's rain and thunderstorms, you can get free tickets (WORTH £16 in my best Daily Mail tv ad/game show voice) , just read the post below...


  1. WOW you have the figure to wear this (but not together!) - I want to see it styled individually.
    Excited already!

  2. Agh the pressure!! I am hopeless with putting thing together, it will all end up a dog's dinner!


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