Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Spirit of Summer Fair 20 free tickets...

The Spirit of Summer Fair is the seasonally appropriate twin to the Spirit of Christmas, it is a beautiful fair in Olympia with the most amazing interior, lifestyle, fashion and accessories stands, this year I am really excited as I have a stand at the show, and best of all it is next door to the champagne bar which is run by Mosimann's.

You can read all about the Spirit of Summer here.

And see my listing here..

If you are interested in coming to the show, I have 20 tickets to give away, since I have never done this before and have no idea how many people a. read this or b. are free to come to London between 15 and 18 May, I am assuming that anyone who wants one can have one.

In order to get a ticket all you need to do is'Follow' me on this blog and then email your name and address to and we will send one to you.  The tickets are £16 each usually so it is worth clicking the button if you were even considering visiting the show!

If you can get together a group of friends you could do a 'Follow' each, it is the perfect event for a group of girls (but leave husbands at home as the sound of thousands of women's voices is most men's idea of hell!)

If I do get a surprisingly high take up, I will do a draw, but I think the odds will still be pretty high that you will be successful! 

The nice thing about the show is that there is no high street presence, so you don't feel that you have seen it all before. It showcases those niche manufacturers who supply boutiques and online stores, but here they are selling direct and often at much cheaper prices.  Every one chats and is really friendly and laid back, albeit it is almost an episode of Midsommer Murders come to life.  

What I love about it  is that when you leave, you feel like you have been hanging out in a country house, watching a cricket match on the lawn, getting dressed up for lunch and drinking a few glasses of fizz.  Doesn't feel like a day of shopping at all! 


  1. That sounds like a perfect girls day out. Sadly, I'm in Dublin, so it's not an option for me. But if I were in London ... definitely!

  2. The style of the show would be a huge hit in Dublin, I went with friends a while back and everyone I saw was beautifully dressed and definitely sought out the more 'boutique' style over high street. I might suggest to one of my friends who lives there to start something similar!

  3. Hi there! I am now following you and best of luck with the Fair, it sounds like it will be amazing! Thanks for stopping by, would be great if you can follow me back!

  4. Hi. Im sorry if this has already been asked but I have been following your blog for a while now. You always look great but never to "try hard" or "too fashion follower" which is great. Your style is relaxed but chic. You say you have lost 4 stone....would you be ok with posting photos of your before and after. It would be so motivating. I was trying to work out what your blog was based on and Im guessing that you work at this Boutique beauty camp as a personal trainer. Forgive me if Im wrong. I do weights sometimes and a bit of running/walking but it takes me a long time to see results (mainly cause I don't do it enough). So you see, to see your before photos would be very inspiring. But of course I totally understand if you don't want to . Thanks.

  5. Funnily enough I have been wanting to do the before and after for ages, there aren't a huge amount of pics around of me at my largest as I avoided all cameras like a plague. But I do have a particular one in mind, I used to pin it on the fridge. I was caught unawares on a beach holiday so was in full beached whale mode in a bikini. My parents have downsized and all of their stuff has been in storage for over a year. It comes out next week, so when they have had chance to get over the stress of putting a 25 roomed house into a 6 roomed one!! I am going to hunt out the photos and face my demons!
    BTW weights are excellent for weight loss, so many people avoid them as they aren't kind on the scales (muscle weighs heavier than fat as I am sure you know) or because they are worried about bulking out. But long term, building muscle mass increases your metabolic rate and ability to burn calories even when sedentary so it is a much better use of time than many other forms of exercise. For me the overeating triggers are emotional, always. So exercise is my start point as it keeps me feeling upbeat and optimistic thereby removing those feelings of boredom, worry, anxiety, that are usually the cause of reaching for sugar (my downfall) and then the salt, and then the sugar again and so it goes on. Almost everyone I talk to feels the same and that is what the FIND is all about, it focuses on emotional aspects and an eating regime that gives you energy to exercise as this is the foundation of everything. Those diets that are really low in calories, where you can barely drag yourself out of bed in the morning, those are the ones that will keep you trapped in the 'diet spiral' forever. What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion as we are always altering and improving what we do and it can only be from the input from people who are doing it!

  6. Well I look forward to seeing them because you really have an amazing figure now. Im 5ft 9 and would love to look like that. I do get that you have worked hard which is why its so inspirational. I have a gym in the garden (in a big shed) with everything in it. We all use it as a family but I just need to motivate myself to keep at it and knowing that you havnt always been the way you are gives me the push to keep at it. Thanks.

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