Wednesday, 29 May 2013

St Barts Tan Offer... and why it is (probably) the best fake tan in the world...

I have already done a post about this fantastic fake tan here

There has been loads of interest in the product, both at the Spirit of Summer show and people contacting me afterwards. Some bottles are winging their way to recipients now, all of whom have promised a review of their own personal tan with before and after pics.

Because of the way that St B is formulated (no nasty streaky dyes), but lots of very expensive DHA, everyone's tan will be unique to them.  So to see the possible range, the more pictures on different skin types, the better.

This in mind, Sarah (the inventor of the tan), has asked me to post an on-going offer of 3 bottles for £24, they are normally £24 each.  This should last about 6 months, and the only ask, is that at some time during the period, buyers supply a 'before' and 'after' pic and if they have a blog, mention the tan with a link to this page.

Here are some pics of the colour that I go when using the tan...

 In this pic, I had rushed when applying it and am showing both the before and after on the same arm!

On holiday, I stay out of the sun and slap it on every morning and night.

Why St Barts is so great....

1. It is DHA rich and has no horrible streaky dyes, so even if you 'miss a bit' you can just retouch later and not look streaky.
2. Everyone tans to their own unique colour, so no selection process is needed to work out which one works for them, with this, one variant works for everyone.
3. It has high alcohol content (so you do need to moisturise) but when you put it on, it works immediately, you don't have to 'wait to dry'.  So you can shower, tan, get dressed and go, no hanging around.
4. Because of above you can wear white, silk etc without any fear of marks.
5. As the skin is not dyed, you lose the tan at the rate at which you would lose a regular sun tan.
6. It is liquid form, so small and compact and easy to apply (and allowed in your hand luggage)
7. It smells of coconut, NOT wet biscuits, after a hot bath, with the tan and the smell of coconuts, your mind is almost fooled into believing you have been on a balmy beach all afternoon.
8. It works as a mood lifter, it could be because of above, but there is something optimistic about a touch of tan, a pair of white jeans and a brightly coloured top, you just can't have a bad day when it starts out so well.
9. You don't need to exfoliate if you keep the tan constant, just bath, tan and go.
10. Who doesn't want to say that their tan came from St Barts? !

If you are interested in the offer and writing a review, just log into your Paypal account and click on 'send money', use to send £24 and put your name and address in the message section, and I will send you three bottles.


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