Friday, 24 May 2013

Time to read...

One of the first things that I did when I moved to the cottage was create a magical reading room, I have no sense of direction, but I think it might be South West-ish facing, since it has sun for most of the afternoon and when the rest of the garden is in shade from about 5pm it is still warm and sunny. This is where I drink my tea (a new self-made variant of Jasmine red tea and Earl Grey green tea) and eat cake, biscuits or a bit of ultra dark chocolate.
I still haven't got around to changing the light, although I have found a beautiful new Italian Floral one which could work quite well.

 Nothing too taxing on the book front... (I do have some proper reads, but these are yet to be unpacked)...

A selection of Vogues that date back to the 80s...

 Dogs join me, with their own afternoon snack..

If Bella can't have the bone, she'll go for American Vogue Living instead...(don't you love the way Hamish Bowles edits? He did the Vogue Houses, Gardens, People hardback, I  hope that he is the heir to Anna Wintour)...Bella agrees...

 However much she loves Vogue, she loves a bone more...
 Bert makes a great cushion (and seems to have turned into the hound of the Baskervilles)

I wore my Zara pregnancy t shirt, if you are short of a top that makes you look 6 months pregnant, you can buy one here, old Gap jeans (re inherited from my eldest now he has outgrown them) and knitted cricket sale top. If you like the round neck 3/4 sleeve cardi, this one is a great deal, still deciding whether to bid or not. And this one looks warm and good for any size or shape.


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