Monday, 20 May 2013

What to wear for parents day?

Going back to school is always a tricky one, whenever I see parents visiting the school for the first time in jeans and t shirts, it crosses my mind that they might have blown their chance to make a first impression.  I can often been seen at drop off in gym kit and trainers, but there are a few days that matter and parent's day is one of them. 
I felt very beige in this and still can't decide if that is a good or bad thing. I was hoping to strike a balance of smart but forgettable.
I have 4 pairs (!) of these trousers, I think they must have been bought back in the day when Zara did buy one get one free with the dregs of their sale. The velvet jacket was an EBay find for 4.99. The bag is a knock off from a Chinese website (and not a good one), but it was beige. The 'charm' is for mosquito bites, it zaps them with a tiny electrics shock and it WORKS, takes down swelling and stops itching. Shoes are very old Chanel. Vest Ralph Lauren from Bicester Village.


  1. I think you look very smart. My daughter is graduating from Primary school in a few weeks and I'm already wondering what I should wear. I'm intrigued by the mosquito charm - would love to hear more! Mosquitos love me and I'm plagued by them whenever I go to sunnier climes!

  2. My husband found it, I think it is called zap it, the electricity seems to get rid of the poison and stop the bites from itching. I get huge lumps, definitely worth trying!

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  6. oh super smart and yet you have casual too - I love this suit

  7. Hi there-this is a great look, smart and stylish! My son uses the mosquito charm too, it really does help xx

  8. Fab suit - would love to be able to wear something light like this in summer but am far too pale to pull it off.

    I would love for you to link up this post at the Empty Your Archive party - we're focused on back to school posts this week and I thought this would be a nice different take on the subject.

    You can also share your great old posts on over 100 different topics in the Mummy Archive, which is a fab resource bank for mums - Alice xx


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