Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Wrong in so many ways...

I was doing a huge clear out and getting quite hot(!) So changed into shorts and top, it looks really bad in these pics, I thought it was OK as an outfit, but the evidence suggests that, it was just warmth that made everything better than reality.
The top is DKNY and the same one is for sale here, although I think it is a bit steep for a second hand top!
The shorts are staples from H & M that they do every year.  These and these are pretty similar, you can just roll them up or down depending on what length works best for you.


  1. Hi there! Maybe a mismatched outfit, but they are lovely separates in their own right- such a cute and pretty top! xx

    1. The shorts I'll wear forever, but the top is just not me, I'm built like a boxer and the cross accentuates all my wide bits!

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  3. I agree with Sharon that whilst not perfect together, they are perfectly perfect for individual wearing. The top is stunning


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