Monday, 17 June 2013

Finally booked the Manoir Aux Quatre Saisons...

Despite having lived never more than 40 minutes from this place (and now it is a mere 15 minutes), for some reason I have never eaten there. Too familiar to be an extra special treat and too expensive for just any night out, it has always eluded me.  We are going for lunch, which is £79 for 5 courses, fantastic value compared to Heston's Fat Duck, which is twice the price and a terraced cottage on a high street, something of an anti-climax for anyone wanting their dining event to be about anything other than the food.
There are 9 gardens to explore and it seems like quite a good idea to make the best of the place by going for lunch and taking in the grounds, rather than when it is dark and twice the price.  There are videos here that show quite how beautiful it is.
There will be 10 of us and a smattering of children about which the reservation staff were very relaxed.  I'm possibly more excited about this trip than I am our Summer holiday!
Where in the world would you go for a really special meal if money and location were no object?


  1. I've only ever heard GREAT things about this place, it will be absolutely fantastic!
    I'm off for lunch at The Pig in Hampshire in September and I am really looking forward to that.


  2. I've heard fab things about that too! Take lots of pics, I reckon if nothing else, blogs are the best source of really honest restaurant reviews!

    1. It's not until end of September but I will be sure to report back!

  3. Oh my word, I'm seriously JEALOUS and fully understand why you are almost more excited about this than your summer holiday. Can't wait to hear what it was like ... I've only ever read super things about this place. Lucky you!

  4. There may be a fly in the ointment after all, as there are so many ofus. But I am determined to get there even on a table for one!


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