Thursday, 13 June 2013

Psst this is all free....

Something quite odd happened after I had ordered some business cards for the Find.  I used an offer that I saw on TV, something like 500 cards for £5.99 and now every week I get an email offering me free stuff.  And I mean completely free, from t shirts to caps, to calendars and diaries, mugs all I pay is postage and I can order 4 things at once.  I am writing all of this in a whisper as I am terrified that someone might realise and stop the emails.

 Even Bert  has personalised postcards for his correspondence...
 Banner for the Spirit of Summer Fair...

I get a bit confused with pretty much everything in life being achievable if you put your mind to it and end up feeling overwhelmed (this tendency is why I am such a hopeless shopper). One way that I have found to focus my mind and work out my passions from my passing fancies is to put together a calendar, it works on a rolling year, so you can make one at anytime.  And it is like the most edited version of Pininterest, you have a maximum of 6 pictures per month and you choose images that most represent your interests, hopes and dreams.
Mine all come together quite randomly but make sense to me! And again it's completely free!

This June I would like to find an really high quality white lace beach/day dress, which could be dressed down  with sandals and a straw bag or work for a night out in heels and diamonds.
Make my garden beautiful, not just pretty borders but with hidden parts and unusual shapes that surprise and delight. I have a burning ambition to buy some roses to grow (but again get overwhelmed when I am at the garden centre).  By next year, I want to be able to set the table with home grown blooms, ideally in this blue shade of pink.
My dream car is vintage, white, convertible and has a picnic hamper strapped to the back.  I have found one and it is the same town that I live (must be fate, but it is also completely impractical).
I'd like to build some outdoor dining in a secluded part of the garden, or may be even rent a field with a view near by (costs almost nothing) and see if I can put up a temporary seasonal shed for long Summer evenings with friends and dogs and wine.  Dreams and reality can all weave together to make life interesting.
What do you want to do this June? Spill the beans! The more everyday the better!


I would love to hear from you and quite happy for some lively debate so feel free to say what you think! ....