Saturday, 1 June 2013

Raspberry clothes in the flesh...

I blogged about my love of all thing raspberry here.

This Mamas and Papas silk tunic is quite a good buy (I think). I have had a few 'I like your top' comments, but then I wonder do people just say that when they are looking at you thinking 'Bloody hell look at that top' and when they sense that you know exactly what they are looking at they say 'I like your top' to avoid any awkwardness.  So if you get a few comments on the same day about something particular, is that really a good thing?

The first pic I could be in my second trimester, but actually it doesn't billow at the front and really look like a pregnancy top (I hope).
Bert is convinced that photos precede a walk, so he is always a little expectant.

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  1. You are so super tall and slim! LOVE this look


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