Thursday, 6 June 2013

The big clear out

Stuff is invading every inch of where I live, so I have a cunning plan to convert a redundant garage which has two boilers and big windows and is beautifully warm and light into clothes, accessories and general female detritus storage.  I'm hoping to create a sparkling jewellery box of mirrored wardrobes, chandeliers and ornate armoires.  It will be a cosy boudoir complete with a Nespresso coffee maker and a Caci facial machine, that I bought from a beauty salon that was closing down.
So I can feed my friends with caffeine and electro massage their faces to youthful beauty!
I have already bought the wardrobes (although delivery is proving problematic), the chandeliers need a bit of rewiring and the the armoire just needs to be collected from Suffolk.
I'll take lots of pics of the before and after as the transformation starts to take place.  Now that the sun is shining, I need a project to get my teeth into!  Do you have any plans of transformation for the coming months?


  1. I think we must have been separated at birth! I have the same dilemma. Your solution sounds like bliss - coffee, armoires and chandeliers - perfect! (I have the same motley assortment of plastic storage tubs and bags adorning my spare room...!) Will watch the 'before and after' with interest, hoping you might motivate me into similar progress! x

  2. Ha! I have all the best intentions but if it starts raining again, enthusiasm might flag. My favourite storage is super stylish Sports Direct and Lidl bags!

  3. That sounds like a fantastic idea!!! I want one....haven't got a garage though so slight problem. I would love an area like that just for me especially living in a house full of men and football. Will be watching your developments with envy xx

    1. How about room for a shed? You could do the same! My household is all male too (partly why I got bella!)

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  6. wow - that's a lot of stuff! Good luck with doing the room up! I still have a light that needs putting up in my 'dressing' room (spare room)


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