Friday, 21 June 2013

The ONLY fashion item you'll need this Summer...

It's raining again, this was about to hit the Ebay pile, it is a very old, unworn Sonia Rykiel mac. The quality is beautiful (much better than my Burberry I hate to say). I don't really get on with this flared shape in dresses as my thick waist, huge shoulder combo make for a bit of a Grayson Perry look. But in a coat with something skinny on the bottom it seems to work quite well.
I'm trying to 1. stop buying stuff just because I fancy it and it is cheap 2. Start wearing some of the beautiful quality clothes that are languishing in piles in wardrobes, suitcases and boxes.  Tomorrow is another full day of outside picnicking and clearly the forecast is for rain from 7am to 7pm , so yet again I'll be slapping on a tan and a smile and possibly a silk, halterneck Valentino number from about 1985....the trouble is now that my shoulders are as defined Arnold Schwarzennegger at his peak, it might just scare the natives...


  1. Disagree you will scare anyone - go for it and work the shudders!

  2. er... SHOULDERS that should have said!!! Darn auto-correct!!

  3. i just read these comments, 'work the shudders' really made me giggle, probably very appropriate to most of us most of the time!


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