Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day two Issa Maxi....

This is probably my favourite of the maxis, I like the colour and that it is quite fitted as I tend to look pregnant in anything more voluminous.  However it is still not great from the waist down.  I have a large high bottom and it makes my hips and stomach look bigger than they are if the fabric isn't quite fitted.
 I would love to try maxis in either of these styles to see if they could give a better shape.  I have no idea what this style is called, 'butt crack gathering'? If anyone knows where I can get something similar, or how to describe this please let me know!
This is a kind of 'butt kick pleat', I like how fitted it is and then the slight flare underneath again any ideas what this style is called?


  1. I've no idea what those styles are called but just wanted to say that you look absolutely STUNNING in that Issa maxi ...

  2. Thanks, this one is a keeper, it works for nights out here or a staple daytime maxi!


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