Friday, 23 August 2013

Dress 5 Dolce e Gabanna

 This is one of those dresses that should have worked for St T, white, touch of lace, good structure and underwiring etc, but the reality is very different, it's meant to be longer, but has an odd balloon skirt so I pulled it up with a belt, but then there is just too much fabric on the tummy. I think it is designed for delicate little fairies, not muscle Mary's who have spent the morning doing press ups and burpies on the beach!

The bag is from Les Habits Neufs, I treated myself to it from the shop last year and try to forget how much it cost!

I had my first french manicure of the year on the beach, I'm not patient enough to go to a spa for one, but watching the world go by on the beach of St Tropez has to be the perfect spa location.


  1. Oh you have the beach goddess thing down pat, I'm so envious, you are another Elle Macpherson type!

  2. it mainly takes a bucket load of fake tan to get this look off pat!


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