Saturday, 17 August 2013

Dress one...Blumarine...big mistake

 I had got it into my head that I was too old for anything short, so much to my husband's chagrin, I had packed all maxi dresses (except for this one).
Clearly I have just been in the UK too long, the minute I hit French soil, I saw ladies in the 70s and up in fairly short skirts, including Ivana Trump (approaching 70) and Joan Collins (approaching 80) in bum skimming flippy little beach numbers, that made my maxis feel less elegant and more Margot from the Good Life.
I wore this day one, and looking at the pics can see what a fail it is, the dress is beautiful, Blumarine, incredible quality lace, boned and wrapped to give a really interesting shape with the goddess style, shawl top. But on me, it looks bad.  I think may be it is a little large (I didn't realise that it looked like it was actually falling off as I wore it) and the extra fabric in both skirt and top give me the look of second trimester.  This is one for Ebay/designer second hand shop, since it was pretty pricey.
 Note the skin tone, this is day one (not even an hour of sunbathing,  I had fake tanned that morning to get my week one glow!


  1. I think it looks lovely, second trimester - my arse! Have a great time x

  2. Thanks so much, bag was a bad choice too with this outfit!

  3. You certainly have the legs for mini's - every year i think i soooo am too old for them - if your legs are up to it - and yours are - you can do the shorter lengths - oh and a tan, nothing quite like brown legs x

    1. You are absolutely right, I think my reticence is based on a year of wearing jeans, so uncovering becomes strange!

  4. All I'm thinking is - "I must put in more effort at the gym" I love slender but really toned bodies like yours.


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