Friday, 30 August 2013

Guaranteed metabolism boosters...or how to eat more and still lose weight in 5 easy steps

1.  EAT BREAKFAST if you skip it, after 8 hours without food your body will immediately slow down the rate that calories are being burnt.  If like me you really struggle with a. preparing it, b. eating eat, just hardboil a dozen eggs and try to eat 3 each morning.

2. Your metabolic rate can reduce by as much as 40% in a day so you must eat regularly to avoid this, the ideal is 600 calories 4 times a day (there is no point in 'grazing' or 'snacking' your body needs the high calorie intake to avoid the metabolism drop) ...2400 calories sounds like a lot but not all calories are the same...

3.  Your 2400 should be from protein, vegetables, fruit and beans and pulses.  Avoid processed carbs, sugar and high fat content products.

4. Try to spend 800 calories a day in exercise, break this up into 4 to be performed just before eating and it's not much at all.  (There will be another post about what constitutes 200 cals of exercise)

5. The importance of what you eat cannot be stressed highly enough, not only do some foods contain all the nutrients that your body needs to flourish, but those same foods also have a high Thermic Index, this means that much like boosting the metabolism, in digesting and expelling them you burn up to 40% more calories than with other foods.  As you can guess, the foods you MUST eat to maximise the T I are protein, vegetables, beans and pulses.


  1. For the first time ever I used the monitor thingie at the gym , oh dear I hardly burn anything at all, maybe a slice of toast's worth!

  2. Hi
    Is that the picture from Wheat Belly blog?

    1. From Pinterest I think it was called fat to thin. Wheat Belly is fantastic though, thank you for pointing it out. It is properly scientific which is what I like. I tend to only implement/quote facts that I have read on PubMed rather than the latest fad that comes with no proof. You are right though, pic looks similar to the masthead.

  3. I have cut wheat out as apart from it never having really agreed with me (pregnant tummy look) I have read enough to believe that modern grains are not the best way to eat.


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